Snapshot of Dr. Barbara Weis

Check out this article written about our Execute Director, Dr. Barbara Weis! Dr. Weis graduated from Tulane medical school, where many of our volunteers either work or attend school. 

Exciting News! Donor to Match $25,000

Exciting news from Sante Total! As many of you know, we are working to construct a permanent clinic building but are still short on funds. A very generous anonymous donor has agreed to match up to $25,000 towards finishing the building. Please consider donating to the building fund so we can finish the inside of […]

Jacsonville in January

The sight of the yellow lights of the Mission House in Jacsonville, rising from the dark land, was a welcome sight after a long crowded bumpy ride. We were here! The familiar clank of the metal doors, the sturdy old wooden tables, the dusty suitcases stuffed with medication bottles, the “bonswa’s” in the night – […]

News from the Sante Total Family

Congratulations to Alison and Ed! Alison Smith, MD, PhD and Ed Ready, JD celebrated their marriage in a beautiful ceremony this past Fall. Their wedding day was October 14, 2017 at St. Mary’s Church in New Orleans. In true New Orleans style, they had a second line parade after the ceremony with a brass band […]

Funds needed to send students to teaching school

Sandra Charle and Tepson Brillant are two graduates of St. Rose of Lima who went on to public school in Pignon. They are interested in teaching, and spent a month working at St. Rose at teaching assistants. Both are excited about the work. It is important for the town of Jacsonville to have local teachers […]

Tulane and Sante Total

Many of Sante Total’s volunteers and board members are current students and alumni from Tulane University School of Medicine. Check out this article written about three of them! 

January 2017 Trip

In the January trip we had 15 volunteers, coming from Baltimore, New Orleans, D.C., and San Francisco. During the trip, despite being a day shorter than usual, we saw over 500 patients! We were joined by a group of students from Virginia Tech who helped to do a complete organization and inventory of the surgical supplies. We […]

Update: Nadjena’s hand surgery

  Nadjena had her second surgery!  Nadjena is a four year old who fell into a cooking fire when she was two.  The family couldn’t afford medical treatment, so they put toothpaste on the burn, and the hand healed with three fingers fused together.  Her first surgery separated one of the fingers, and she just […]

Virginia Tech Article On Sante Total

Virginia Tech post an article about Alison Smith and Sante Total. Click on the link to see the article.

Research Abstracts Accepted for the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference 2014

We have had 2 research abstracts accepted to the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference in October 2014.  Many congratulations to everyone who worked hard on these projects! Heather Solomon, Jennifer Bouso, Carl Mickman, Serena Murphy, Alison Smith, Elisabeth Gleckler. “A Rise of Soil Transmitted Helminths in Children Living in Post-Earthquake Haiti.” Ashley Kiefer, Alison […]